What is a Bumbershoot?

By Hotel Andra on

OutdoormusicWhat exactly is a “Bumbershoot” anyway? Is it a technical foul in basketball? Is it an Asian vegetable? Actually, it’s a portmanteau of the words “umbrella” and “parachute”, morphed together to create the name of the premier arts and music festival in the Great Northwest. Bumbershoot is held at Seattle Center, just blocks from Hotel Ändra, every Labor Day weekend!

From August 30 through September 1, leave your umbrellas behind and catch a spectacular lineup of bands at Bumbershoot 2014, including The Replacements, Elvis Costello, The Head and the Heart, Foster the People, Wu Tang Clan, and plenty more. Bumbershoot also features comedy, food, art, and fun for everybody.

Bumbershoot began in 1971, as a tiny concert series. It has evolved into a major cultural influence in the Northwest. Ironically, it took a few years to catch on, as it was very rainy on Labor Day weekend in ’71, ’72, and ’73. Recently, the weather has been sunny and mild. Rain or shine, Bumbershoot is the culmination of the Seattle summer and should not be missed.

Learn more about Bumbershoot 2014 on the Bumbershoot website.

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