‘Welcome Back’ to Two Days in Seattle

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pearTeam Umlaut shares their “Two Days in Seattle,” along with the Seattle Visitors Bureau travel tool of the same name. Our team submissions are on the Hotel Ändra 2 Days in Seattle page. After a quick trip, our Director of Sales & Marketing, Crystal, enjoyed a native re-introduction to Seattle:

Upon my return from a week in Turkey, I found myself wanting to say “hello, again’ to my hometown of Seattle. First I strolled to Pike Place Market and visited my ‘friends’ at Storyville Coffee located next to Matt’s in the Market. It’s a hidden gem and they serve a wonderful Americano that’s ‘round’ and not bitter. It is the essence of a Seattle coffee house. You can sit in comfy chairs by the fireplace and look out onto The Market.

After a delightful cup and a nibble on a sugar cookie I’m off to view the produce and chat with the vendors about their prized fruit or vegetable of the day. The prize find today was an Envy apple. Apparently, it’s a new variety from the Yakima Valley and similar in flavor and texture to a Honeycrisp. I could snack my way from vendor to vendor and be completely entertained!

I go through The Market and down to The Seattle Waterfront to catch the Water Taxi to West Seattle’s Seacrest Park. West Seattle is just across Elliot Bay from downtown Seattle and home to Alki Beach.  From Pier 50 on the Waterfront, it takes about 10 minutes and $4.75 and lands at Seacrest Park. At the dock, I find one of my favorite restaurants, Marination Ma Kai. They have a fantastic ‘I want to pretend I’m a surfer and live in Hawaii’ menu. I’m particularly fond of the miso ginger chicken taco salad with double slaw. Their double-coconut muffin seems to always call my name as well!

From there you can walk to Alki Beach. It’s about a two-mile walk or you can rent a bike or a kayak at Alki Kayak Tours. From this vantage point, you see downtown Seattle, the Olympics and on a clear day, Mount Baker to the north. At Alki, you’ll find several great restaurants and coffee shops all with spectacular views of Puget Sound and the Olympics.

On the second of my ‘welcome back’ two days in Seattle, I have tickets to the 5th Avenue Theatre.  The matinee showing of Spamalot was fantastic! The theatre, located at 1308 Fifth Avenue in the historic Skinner Building, has been listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places since 1978. After the performance, I make my way to the top of Queen Anne to replenish my favorite chocolate, found at Chocolopolis. A chocolate covered pear and select chocolate bars later, I venture for a delicious dinner at Ethan Stowell’s How to Cook a Wolf.

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