Tom Douglas Cooking School Opens in July

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HotStove.whiteThere is an exciting new destination for food enthusiasts opening this summer in Seattle. The team at Tom Douglas Restaurants is opening a cooking school, called Hot Stove Society, within Hotel Ändra in July 2014. Tom Douglas’ business partner, chef Eric Tanaka, will be kicking off the series with an exciting class exploring the fifth taste, umami, through many cultures. The next day Tom Douglas will personally do a dinner and cooking demonstration titled Tom’s Big Dinners: A Chinese Feast with Tom Douglas.

Other classes in July are taught by Hot Stove Society staff, Tom Douglas Restaurants chefs, local and visiting chefs, authors, and experts. The beverage director has carefully curated a refreshingly boozy list of wine and cocktail pairing classes. Each class description explains whether the class is a demonstration or hands-on and whether a snack or full meal is provided. Many classes offer lighthearted culinary “edu-tainment” and after-work socializing, but serious skill-building is an ever present part of the mix. Complete information on pricing and class particulars can be found at

Students at the cooking school will enjoy a bright industrial space. The presentation area boasts a wide curved prep area where guests can gather for lectures and get up close to the presenter. The other half of the room is filled with moveable Boos work tables, a large bank of KitchenAid stoves, and racks of equipment. Capacity is 32 for the full hands-on cooking classes and over 60 for lectures.

At the entrance to Hot Stove, a new Tom Douglas endeavor will be open to the public, called the Lὅk Bar. This cool Swedish bar is the place for a drink and a snack.

The Hot Stove Society classroom is available as a venue for private events and company team-building. The director, Bridget Charters, and her marketing coordinator, Herschell Taghap, offer multiple creative themes for educational high jinks in the kitchen; such as Iron Chef, Mad Men and Martinis, and Battle Black Box. Pricing is determined by time of day and week and class content. Herschell will email the complete information packet to those interested.

Guests at the school are encouraged to add an overnight stay at Hotel Ändra to fully complement the experience. The rooms are chic and modern as well as immensely comfortable. Dahlia Bakery’s pastries across the street are only steps away and the Pike Place Market is a short walk– stunning ways to round out a stay in a stylish downtown Seattle hotel!

There will be an open house for the school the last weekend of June. If you are interested in attending please email to get on the invitation list.

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  1. Looking to find a cooking class as a gift for my Daughter’s 40th birthday… She has requested experiences as a gift,,, so i thought a cooking class would be great fun. She is a foodie and loves to cook. Can you send me your class schedule or suggest something? Mid Sept would work well and an evening would be perfect.
    Martha Gruber

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