Seahawks Parade Downtown

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12space-needleThe Seahawks Victory Parade on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 will begin at 11am, just south of Seattle Center at Denny Way. The parade will travel south down 4th Avenue, directly in front of Hotel Ändra. The parade will then go past Westlake Park and finish at the north entrance of CenturyLink Field at approximately 1pm.

The parade and its attendees are anticipated to have a significant impact on traffic throughout the Seattle downtown and adjacent areas. Please be prepared for longer-than-average commute times and increased traffic. Fourth Avenue, which goes directly in front of Hotel Ändra, will be closed from 10am-2pm, before and after the parade schedule. Hotel Ändra valet parking will be unavailable during this time.

How this will affect the downtown area:
- Estimated drive time could double.
- I-5 and SR99 will be open all day.
- Access points coming to and from the downtown core will be impacted during the parade.  Mercer St. and Edgar Martinez Dr. are suggested best routes for I-5 access.
- Metro and other buses that use or cross 4th Avenue between S Royal Brougham Way and Seattle Center will be rerouted, and nearly all transit service that travels through the downtown area will be affected by altered routing and delays. Metro reroutes will be available online by midday today at

When preparing for Wednesday’s event, attendees are encouraged to plan ahead, arrive early, expect transit and traffic delays and, most of all, to travel safely. Based on the projected forecast, attendees are also encouraged to dress appropriately for cold temperatures.


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