Hot Stove Coming Soon

By Hotel Andra on

Lola-Donuts-032714Hotel Ändra has been keeping blog readers up-to-date about Hot Stove Society, a unique culinary destination that will open at our hotel this summer. The cooking school is the brainchild of Northwest celebrity chef Tom Douglas, owner of ten Seattle restaurants that receive national acclaim.

Hot Stove Society will offer a wide range of social and technical classes, as well as team-building opportunities and educational cocktail parties. The grand opening is projected for the first week of July and classes will be held seven days a week. Class prices range from $50-$200 per person, based on whether the class is “demonstration only” or a full hands-on experience with a meal at the end.

Hot Stove instructors include chefs from Tom Douglas Restaurants, as well as chefs and cookbook authors from all over the U.S. You will find the schedule here on the Hotel Ändra blog when it is available.

The schedule will feature single-day classes and series classes, which span 2-5 days. Guests are encouraged to tuck in and enjoy Hotel Ändra’s renowned hospitality, style, and comfort. The opening of Hot Stove Society will be accompanied by a beautiful Swedish-themed bar and redecorated event space with capacities for seating up to 72 guests. See what all of the fuss is about and stay at one of the coolest downtown hotels Seattle has to offer.

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