2 Days in Seattle at Hotel Ändra

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2-Days-in-SeattleSeattle’s Convention and Visitors Bureau (SCVB) announced a new travel tool called 2 Days in Seattle, which is part of VisitSeattle.org. The 2 Days tool features an interactive map with hundreds of descriptions of local attractions, art, dining, and accommodations. The site allows visitors to create custom itineraries that make exploring Seattle easy. 2DaysInSeattle.com also gathers social media feedback about Seattle hotspots and encourages independent bloggers to post their favorite “2 Days in Seattle” experiences.

In the spirit of 2 Days in Seattle, Hotel Ändra asked its team members to share their dream “2 Days,” so that hotel guests and tourists would know what real Seattleites like to do in the Emerald City. Read our staff submissions (listed below) on our blog and share your favorite experiences in our fair city. As one of the premier boutique hotels in downtown Seattle, Hotel Ändra is dedicated to providing guests with stylish accommodations and helpful tips for a truly magical 2 Days in Seattle.

Lars’ Perfect Two Days
Two Days in Seattle by Schuyler
Sarah’s Two Days Tour
Bryce Takes Two in Seattle
Heidi’s Wishful 2 Days in Seattle
Welcome Back to Two Days in Seattle

You can also visit 2DaysInSeattle.com to learn more about the best places around town, including the top downtown Seattle hotels, like Hotel Ändra. Our friendly concierge and front desk staff are more than happy to help make your Seattle stay unforgettable.

2-Days-in-Seattle-SiteHotel Ändra’s subtle Scandinavian decor features elements from acclaimed designers and local artisans. Our “living room” is intrinsically Pacific Northwest, with rich maple bookcases, a stone mantle fireplace, and sleek aquariums behind our front desk. Our rooms echo the relaxed character of our lobby, offering a sophisticated atmosphere with modern furniture and remarkable design. Book your 2 Days today!


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